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Red flags to watch out for during the hiring process

Jason Kulpa | January 24, 2018

It is easy to experience mixed emotions during the hiring process. On one hand, you may feel stressed out as you search for a candidate that perfectly fits your expectations. On the other hand, you might be excited at the…..

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Underground Elephant Sales Quotes

Underground Elephant’s Favorite Sales Quotes to Live By

Jason Kulpa | August 4, 2017

We love quotes here at Underground Elephant. From the funny and absurd to sweet and inspiring, insightful quotes help us stay motivated and keep our eye on the prize. Enjoy some our favorite quotes below! “Make a customer, not a…..

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Hiring The Right People and Keeping Them Motivated

Jason Kulpa | July 28, 2017

Question: How do you make sure you hire the right people?  Jason Kulpa: Understand your own company’s culture and looking for those traits in a potential hire. During the interview process, ask questions that will highlight the aspects you are…..

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Jason’s Advice for Job-Seeking Millennials

Jason Kulpa | July 28, 2017

Q: What’s one unconventional piece of career advice you would give to millennials entering the workplace? Jason Kulpa: Look for a company that will make a difference in both your life and the community. The company should also be a…..

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