Jason’s Advice for Job-Seeking Millennials


Q: What’s one unconventional piece of career advice you would give to millennials entering the workplace?

Jason Kulpa: Look for a company that will make a difference in both your life and the community. The company should also be a place where you feel like you can make an impact. Make sure the company’s mission aligns with your aspirations, and look to see if you will be important in the company’s overall journey.

Does the company have a mission that you believe in? Are you important in the company’s overall journey? Choose a company that has an open position that fits your skill sets and desires. This way, you’ll be engaged and motivated to work every day to not only fill that role, but to also to expand and transform it.

Look for companies with professional development options — that’s a sure sign they are committed to investing in employee growth. Encouraging this type of growth shows that your company wants you to stay for an extended period of time.

You want to work somewhere you’re happy to go every day, so it’s crucial to look at how the company is run and what the culture is like. A company that emphasizes mentorship is important, too, especially for millennials. This can help you find your true passion at work.

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