Underground Elephant’s Favorite Sales Quotes to Live By

Underground Elephant Sales Quotes

Underground Elephant Sales Quotes to Live By

We love quotes here at Underground Elephant. From the funny and absurd to sweet and inspiring, insightful quotes help us stay motivated and keep our eye on the prize. Enjoy some our favorite quotes below!

“Make a customer, not a sale.” – Katherine Barchetti

This quote is a great reminder that relationships don’t end with the sale. Continue to value your customer and stay as helpful as possible even after the sale has been made, and you may see dividends from your behavior. You can’t buy a good reputation!

“The most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse.” – John Mason

Yikes. This quote can feel a little harsh, but it’s true. As tempting as it is to make excuses, owning up to problems or mistakes will be the better choice every time. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t be afraid to go to a trusted manager or advisor for help when you need it.

“There’s no lotion or potion that will make sales faster and easier for you – unless your potion is hard work.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

There is no magic pill in sales. Every sale needs to be earned through hard work, dedication and persistence. Sometimes it’s tempting to look for the sales shortcut, but there’s no way around hard work.

“Treat objections as requests for further information.” – Brian Tracy

This quote is a great reminder to stay tenacious. Sure, this quote could be taken too far, and it’s important to listen to your customer and really understand where their objection is coming from. As hard as rejections can be to hear, however, some initial “no’s” are knee jerk reactions and the client can be persuaded to turn that no in to a yes.

“Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting” – Christopher Morely

It’s tempting to think that some people are just naturally winners; everything comes easy to them, and they’ve never encountered a setback in their life. But that’s not true. Everyone faces challenges. Everyone has failed at one time or another. The difference between winners and losers are that winners learn from their mistakes and keep going.

Do you use quotes to motivate your sales efforts? We’d love to hear your favorites.

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