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Fostering Employee Productivity: What Not to Do

Jason Kulpa | November 19, 2018

Successful business managers know that there are many ways to accurately and efficiently foster employee productivity, but the best ones also recognize that there are just as many ways to botch this process. Productivity can be a delicate trait to…..

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Five Management Styles and Why They Work (Pt. 1)

Jason Kulpa | November 19, 2018

Effective business management is subjective in that every managed employee is different, therefore requiring a unique approach in terms of their productivity, adherence to office structure and policy, and overall learning pace.  To get the most out of your direct…..

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Five Ways to Celebrate Your Employees this Holiday Season

Jason Kulpa | October 24, 2018

Celebrating employees during the holidays is a fantastic way to not only show respect for hard work, but also to foster teamwork and inclusion. For employers who are having trouble finding ways to make the season bright, below are five…..

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The Final Push: Three Ways Your Business Can Close 2018 on a High Note

Jason Kulpa | October 24, 2018

Every company has had 12 months to make some progress toward their goals. Even if there have been more failures than achievements, it’s important to acknowledge the good parts and plan for the next year. There are three ways for…..

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How And Why You Should Create A Scholarship As A CEO | Jason Kulpa

How (and Why) You Should Create a Scholarship as a CEO

Jason Kulpa | September 10, 2018

In today’s job market, prospective employees face stiff competition. Candidates with a strong educational background often have the upper hand. It’s unfortunate then, that the costs of secondary learning can bar talented students from getting the education they deserve. As individuals highly established in their careers, CEOs are in an ideal position to assist those with similar potential. By sponsoring a scholarship, CEOs grant disadvantaged students the same opportunities that they themselves capitalized upon.

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The Best Texts on Leadership (Pt.2) | Jason Kulpa

The Best Texts on Leadership (Pt. 2)

Jason Kulpa | September 3, 2018

Career-critical lessons aren’t learned purely through independent willpower: this is a fact that the greatest of leaders can verify. For them, earning a place at the top meant recognizing that leadership–while it may at times seem insular and isolated–is a process of community.

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The best texts on leadership (Pt. 1)

Jason Kulpa | July 27, 2018

Whether you are new to a leadership role or you are simply in search of fresh motivation, there are a variety of top leadership texts worth your consideration. Here are a few of the most noteworthy titles currently on the…..

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What Does it Take to Start a Tech Business in 2018?

Jason Kulpa | July 10, 2018

With technological advances becoming more prevalent in society, more and more businesses have been cropping up to deliver new or better technology products and services to the consumer market. Flourishing tech businesses address growing demands within targeted demographics and find…..

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Starting a Business During a Recession: Five Questions with UE.co CEO Jason Kulpa

Jason Kulpa | June 11, 2018

UE.co was established in 2008’s recession. Forbes once suggested that economic downturns can actually be great opportunities for startups — would you say this was the case for UE? Charlie Munger said, “My idea of shooting a fish in a…..

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Tips for Balancing Business Ownership and Philanthropy (Pt. 2)

Jason Kulpa | May 2, 2018

  There is no question that philanthropic involvement can be both enriching and beneficial to recipients and benefactors alike. By reaching out to a charitable cause, a business leader can expand his or her presence in the community by forging…..

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